I’m sorry guys.

My pc is broken. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while for other arts or posts.
Thank you for all your love and support! I love you all!

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Track Title: Shingeki no Kyojin Titan Music



When you hear this, you know it is going down! The titan music is insane

the beginning just takes you oh my god



new followers…you won’t regret it

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Lots of things might happen. That’s the thing about writers. They’re unpredictable. They might bring you eggs in bed for breakfast, or they might all but ignore you for days. They might bring you eggs in bed at three in the morning. Or they might wake you up for sex…

riamkyrie asked: "Aaaaah cheffigata, io sto a Parma! Siamo vicinissimi **"

<3 <3 <3 quanto amore! E’ sempre bello scoprire queste cose! <3

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riamkyrie asked: "Wait wait wait everyone stop for a second please. So you're telling me you ship (and draw) JeanMarco, you're an otaku (i guess so), you reblogged Eremin porn and you're fucking italian?! Where the hell do you live i'm italian too *screams internally*"

YAYYYY! <3 Dici tutto giusto, cara! Io sono di Firenze, tu di dove sei? <3 

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This is the sixth page of a mini doujinshi (for Jean&#8217;s birthday) script by what-a-joice and illustrated by me &lt;3 
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7:incoming) 

This is the sixth page of a mini doujinshi (for Jean’s birthday) script by what-a-joice and illustrated by me <3 

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7:incoming) 

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Something a little more personal.

Since my move to California, there had been a lot of self-doubt about my level of talent and whether or not I should have made the choices I’ve made leading up to this point. As I’ve said in this, even when it seems as though everything’s not going well, life has a way of turning things around when you work hard enough to make that happen.

Even though what I’m saying is pretty much general knowledge, I made this more for myself than anyone else…but it’s something I hope someone could look at now and later. To remind themselves of their potential, whether they believe they have it or not. I myself still have a ways to go, but I continue creating art and remaining more hopeful than ever.